How we give back

Eco-centrism is a value system that takes into account the whole of nature and does not discriminate. At The Wild Space Kent, we value all life and the complex natural systems that we live in and around; we recognise and engage fully in our responsibilities.

external Service providers

We are a fussy bunch and at The Wild Space Kent, we think very carefully about who we work with. Banks, energy providers, insurance companies etc. are all selected based on their ethical credentials. All new service providers are researched and scrutinised by our board of directors.


If it’s in walking distance we walk, if it’s too far we cycle or jump on public transport; if those are no longer an option, we car share. When we choose a venue, we take into account accessibility to public transport.


We are not satisfied with the ‘do no harm’ mantra, instead, we see our business as a means to do good. Wherever possible, we find ways for the natural world to benefit from our existence and we even assess our project proposals based on this fundamental value.

promotion and activism

We see great value in education, promotion, and sometimes activism. We are a business with goals, but the business is made up of people with hearts. We are more than happy to own our value system and support others with similar goals.