Outdoor Therapy & Workshops

We work alongside the people of Kent who live with disadvantage and/or an absence of privilege, by offering nature-based therapy and personal development programmes. Our community services are fully or partially funded by our commercial activities and/or external funding, making them accessible to people who might benefit from them.

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Nicholas Langley

Nick Langley

Existential Outdoor Therapist based in Hythe

Louise Allen

Integrative Outdoor Therapist based in Faversham


We are both qualified and experienced Outdoor Therapists who are more than happy to work with individuals.

We are both members of a professional body and carry suitable insurance for the kind of therapy that we provide.

Please contact either of us directly and we will be happy to arrange an initial session where availability permits.

Our Workshops & Events

We host a number of workshops throughout the year, all designed to promote self awareness, personal development, community, and connection.

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