Training for Professionals

We host a variety of training sessions for counsellors & therapists

Whether you are considering making the move ‘outdoors’ or you are a seasoned outdoor therapist, we have workshops that support and enhance your therapeutic practice, ranging from practical days to theory-based lectures.

Our current provision

An introduction to outdoor therapy
  • Varied
  • 10:00 – 16:00
  • Hythe, Kent
  • £75/attendee

Back by popular demand, this training offers you a gentle introduction to some of the practical, ethical and process considerations therapists should know when they move their work outdoors.

We aim this training at qualified counsellors or those currently in their second year of Level 4 training. It will provide you with ‘the basics’ and prepare your to work ethically and safely outdoors with clients. We will also begin thinking about the theoretical differences between indoor and outdoor therapy.

Note: This training includes being outdoors, walking up to 2 hours on uneven terrain and will proceed regardless of the weather (unless unsafe to do so). We provide refreshments (vegan), however, you will need to bring your own lunch.

Max group size: 6 – 12 (ratio of 6:1 attendees/trainers)

  • Lecture/discussion about outdoor/eco theory
  • Lecture/discussion about the ethical considerations
  • Practical activities, including a walk (about two hours)
  • Refreshments and a CPD certificate (6 hours) included

Available 2023 dates: July 12th OR 7th October

Exploratory Outdoor therapy training
  • 10th Jun 2023
  • 10:00 – 16:00
  • Dover, Kent
  • £75/attendee

A one-day exploring the concept of ‘un-domesticating’ therapy, what it means and what it might offer.

We aim this at therapists and allied professionals who are curious about how they might adopt a wilder, less ‘domesticated’ approach in their work (or general life). This will be a thought-provoking workshop and it will encourage you to engage with ecotherapy at a deep ethical and philosophical level. We hope to create a fertile space for thinking up to, and beyond the confines of how we currently work.

Note: This training includes being outdoors and walking on uneven terrain. This workshop will proceed regardless of the weather (unless unsafe to do so). We provide refreshments (vegan), however, you will need to bring your own lunch.

Max group size: 6-12 (ratio of 6:1 attendees/trainers)

  • By arrangement
  • Online OR visit
  • Contact us for a quote

We have successfully delivered online and in-person lectures to training providers, peer supervision groups and other therapeutic communities. If you would like to discuss how we might be able to support you and your peers/students, please feel free to get in touch. Some examples of workshops that we have delivered include:

  • An introduction to nature inspired counselling theory
  • Being and togetherness – eco-existentialism
  • Personal growth and reflection through our relationship with nature