Based in hythe, kent

Long Valley Therapy & Training

The therapy that Nick offers is rooted in philosophy and inspired by nature. It helps you to reflect on your life as a whole and to identify the parts that feel disruptive, painful or stuck. The work then focuses on working towards something personally meaningful.

Nick also offers clinical supervision is particularly keen to support counsellors and therapists interested in outdoor and existential ways of working.

Based in faversham, kent

Fern Counselling

Louise is an an integrative counsellor, which means she draws on different counselling concepts and adapts her sessions to suit your needs and the issues you want to explore. Louise works indoors, outdoors and on the phone and draws on creative techniques and nature’s processes to help understand your inner world. She focuses mostly on how you are experiencing life in the here and now. This often leads to exploring what led you to where you are now and how you would like life to be.